Refund/Return Policy

When i can ask for refund

Yes, You can ask for the refunds if you did not get the product with the 21 working days ater making the payment.Our pack are getting delivered in 5-12 working days.But Delivery also depends on work load of Postal services and USPS, which can not be controlled specilally in Christmas and New Year, but the the delivery of the pack is guranteed.

I dont Like the Pills

If you dont like the pills, please contact the with in 24-72 hours and send us the screen shot of pills and pack showing the market name of pills and Tracking id on the Envelop.We will forward yuor concern to the shipping agency and we will replace your pills with other brand pills. You have to make sure and return the remaining pills to our shipping agency to thier as we we update you, address can be in USA or in overseas

Things To Do for Claiming Refund

For Claiming Refund, Please do the all follwowing things, so that we refund as soon as possible. 1.Give us an call and email to 2. Give us the exact reason in email and send us pictures of pills showing the name of pills and showing Tracking id of the pack. which we and our shipping agecny will compare that what we commit and what you received and please do mention all in detail so that we can help you.

When i will receive the refund

Refund will be settled with in 15 days after getting request from customer affter going through all.

Customers Claiming False Claiming Refund

If we found that Refund Claim is false , we will put the customer in Chargeback/Refund Customer List so that we will not able to order any thing online.